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    Snap-fit setting tool


    Stop drill

    Our new patented Proton stop drills, always drills to a proper drilling depth every time, made of the highest quality steel, The Proton Stop drill has a durable high wear resistance Carbide tip Under ANSI compliance B212-15, our unique snap-fit stop-drill feature integrated to accommodate the Quick release snap-setting tool when drilling and anchoring, Easy as , DRILL! , SNAP! , SET!.


    Drop-in anchor

    Our new re-design Proton drop-in anchor included using greater quality steel materials, intense lab testing with overwhelming results in Pulls / Shear strength, obtaining our UL/CSA – FM approval. In a short note we have made a better anchor to facilitate and simplified the installation of drop-in anchors. Integrating a new safer installation procedure, that included using the most Creative Marking system providing and showing that the installed anchors are properly set and secured.


    hand setting tools

    We offer the traditional hand setting tool for those who have a preference installing drop-in anchors The old fashion way, we provide the standard sizes of 1/4””-3/8”-1/2” when setting our anchors with the proton hand setting tools, it will save you time and money Easy as 1-2-3.

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